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 Sound toothbrush, micro-bubble cleaning teeth, rapid expansion of bubbles to produce a strong clean shock wave. Shock the residue of dental plaque. Shock wave wraps the residue quickly and cleans the teeth quickly. Massage the gums, remove the residue from the crevices to clean and massage the gums. Maglev acoustic wave vibration, rapid cleaning of the mouth, effective removal of dental plaque. Brush head high frequency vibration, every day to make a SPA teeth, storm-like fight against deep plaque, sound cleaning power, effective cleaning of dental stains. One-click open/three modes to protect your oral health. Cleaning: A standard cleaning mode to effectively remove dental stains. Anti-allergy: Second-class gentle mode, gentle and clean, without injury to the gums. Massage: Three-stage massage mode, pulse massage, efficient tooth whitening.

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