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 Portable electric toothbrush, 4000 times per minute brush head vibration, clean enough to clean. Double wool planting, sound wave vibration, to quickly overcome dirty. Wave-like flow cleaning power, sound wave drives oral liquid to produce wave-like “flow cleaning power”, in-depth cleaning of intractable dental stains and dental plaque in the hidden area of the mouth, so that the teeth shine more smoothly and clean, feel the cleanliness. Whole body washing, clean and worry-free, can withstand water cleaning, can be put into the pool cleaning, short time into the water does not affect performance. Imported brush head, food grade material, brush head using imported food grade PP material, to ensure the safety and harmlessness of the entrance. Select carefully, Dupont brushes his teeth. Soft and flexible, meticulous care. High density hair is evenly implanted between cubic inches, brush head is flexible and deep, clean and meticulous, more suitable for your teeth. Anti-slip comfortable, ergonomic handle, slim body, comfortable control. Practical and convenient, cost-effective.

The sealed handle design can completely prevent water droplets from penetrating into the toothbrush, and the toothbrush has a longer life. Vibration-proof and silence technology directly transfers the vibration to the top of the brush head, reduces the vibration of the handle, makes the hand feel more comfortable and more suitable for children. Simple fuselage, cartoon design. The surface of the fuselage is smooth and smooth, which is easy to clean. Multiple cartoon designs attract children’s attention and make them fall in love with toothbrushes. The wrestle-resistant fuselage shell is designed with a replaceable brush head. The brush bristles are worn out without changing the toothbrush. Only a new brush head can be replaced.

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