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 Bamboo charcoal antibacterial brush, antibacterial bamboo charcoal brush wire, 0.18MM soft silk tip to clean teeth, integrate bamboo charcoal essence, high adsorption capacity, effectively eliminate oral odor. Innovative design of small brush head and flexible penetration into the oral cavity can help to clean the stubborn stains in the difficult parts and conquer the dead corners of the oral cavity, and reduce the risk of oral injury. Environmentally friendly wheat grain, comfortable feel. Selected wheat straw material, good anti-skid effect, 240 degree toothbrush handle fits the palm. Convenient independent packaging, health independent packaging design, convenient for travel, simple but not simple.

The choice of bristles should be moderate or slightly soft. However, it should be noted that too soft bristles are easy to brush dirty. Brushes are usually made of nylon silk. It can be simply divided into domestic brush and imported brush. The imported brush wire has good elasticity and is not easy to deform. The material of the sharpened wire is PBT. Grinding is also important. If the brush is not treated smoothly after cutting, it is easy to cause injury because it is too sharp. A rounded brush with a sharp bristle can prevent this kind of injury and provide stronger gum protection.

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