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 An artistic toothbrush, according to the flag pattern, independently designed exclusive brush arrangement. Dupont brush is used, the top of the brush is rounded, the gum is cared, and the soft hair is deeply cleaned. Simple design of anti-skid brush handle, according to the color of the Jersey to create a vibrant color. Soft brush, care gums, effective cleaning, fresh mouth.

All-natural wheat straw toothbrush, long carbon soft PVC portable round tube. Spike diameter is less than 0.01MM to absorb the odor of the mouth. Using 0.01mm fine filament soft hair, it can deeply clean gingival crevices and crevices, and deeply clean the mouth. New creative head design, better cleaning of the mouth where it is difficult to clean, high-quality bamboo charcoal soft fur, do not hurt the gum, comprehensive care of gum health, not easy to fall hair, brush head with a scientific smooth design, balance hand strength, perfect to avoid injury to the gum. Natural straw material, environmental protection, fashionable and simple handle, thick handle, fit the palm design.

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