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Rotating the teeth, soft bristles, deep into the teeth, gentle and effective, colorful. Wash your teeth and protect your teeth in one step. Brighten teeth, protect enamel, massage gums to promote blood circulation, effectively remove tooth stains, smoke stains, and improve periodontal disease.
A selection of silica gels for easier cleaning and quick drying. Gentle and delicate silicone brush head, gently cleans the mouth, protects gums and teeth. The brush head can be bent without a dead angle brush head to completely clean the entire mouth. The brush head is connected to the metal shaft, high speed, high precision and low noise. The whole body is waterproof and the whole silicone is integrally formed. 3-speed intensity adjustment, adjustable amplitude, reducing the discomfort of new users.
An artistic toothbrush, designed according to the flag pattern, is designed with exclusive bristles. DuPont bristles, the top of the brush is rounded, the gums are protected, and the soft hair is cleaned deeply. The minimalist design of the non-slip handle creates a vibrant color based on the jersey color. Soft bristles, care for the gums, effective cleansing, fresh mouth.

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