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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, other health conditions are being relegated to the background. Many patients with heart conditions, cancer or any other underlying diseases are putting off their regular checkups due to fear inspired by the deadly virus. Of course, attention has been drawn to this and many doctors are offering online consultations to their patients. But often, online consultations may not really work if you have a dental problem. Many patients with dental issues are desperately awaiting the end of the crisis so that they can pay a visit to their dentist. This is understandable because dental pain can be excruciating. To help out such patients, we got in touch with Dr Himadri Sharma, Guwahati Dental Clinic, who has revealed a few easy ways by which you can manage non-emergency problems at home.

Tips to boost oral health

Dr Sharma suggests the following steps to take care of your oral and dental health.

  1. Brush your teeth properly twice a day and, if possible, rinse with a mouthwash.
  2. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth.
  3. Use dental floss if food particle gets stuck between your teeth.
  4. Eat a balanced diet which includes lot of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Cut down on sweets and sugar intake.
  6. Visit your Dentist every 6 months for a routine check-up and cleaning.

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