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 If we master the correct method of brushing teeth, we must follow four principles if we want to achieve the ideal effect of brushing teeth.

Zone scrubbing:

The oral teeth can be divided into two parts: maxillary teeth and mandibular teeth. The upper and lower parts can be divided into left and right sides, and each side can be subdivided into three areas: front, back and middle. Each community consists of only two or three teeth. Brushing teeth takes place in a small area. After brushing a small area, brush another area.

Wash in turn:

Since it is partitioned scrubbing, it must be brushed down in a certain order. Otherwise, it is possible to clean one area, but not enough to wash another area, or even omit it. As for the arrangement of the order, it depends on the habits of each person. For example, first up and then down, first outside and then inside, first left and then right.

Three-sided scrubbing:

The biggest disadvantage of brushing teeth in the general population is that only the outside of the teeth (lip and cheek) is brushed, while the palate, tongue and occlusal surfaces are not washed. As a result, although the appearance of the teeth looks very clean, if you open your mouth and look carefully, you will find that the palate and tongue of the teeth are covered with dirt. The so-called three-sided scrubbing requires that lips, cheeks, palates, tongues and occlusal surfaces can be scrubbed. Collection and collation of medical education network

Repeated scrubbing:

In order to achieve the goal of cleaning teeth thoroughly, it is necessary to wash teeth at least three to four times in each district, so that it is possible to clean teeth. Generally speaking, it takes at least three minutes to brush the whole mouth.

Please remember:

The four basic principles of brushing teeth have a central point, that is, every time you brush your teeth, don’t let go of any teeth that have not been brushed.

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