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Tongue scraper or copper tongue cleaner, it is designed to last and we are sure you will have a great experience with it. Metal scrapers have traditionally been used around the world for centuries, they are much more effective and hygienic than plastics. Tongue scrapers help remove bacterial plaque, eliminate toxins, stimulate taste buds and help decrease bad breath.

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* Helps keep a fresh breath.

* Daily use.

* Slide it back and forth 5 times.

* Copper darkens over time, clean it regularly with dry cotton.

* Wash it after use.

* The tongue is delicate, use the cleaner gently.


* Helps remove bacterial plaque

* Stimulates the taste buds

* Helps eliminate the “ama” that are toxins from the Ayurveda vision

* Refresh your breath

* Eliminates food waste

The language is a very important organ as it influences different functions and processes of the organism such as; savoring food through taste, salivating as the first stage in digestion, facilitates chewing and influences language as it allows to articulate certain sounds and words.

Due to its functions, the tongue is prone to accumulate food residues, bacteria and toxins that can interfere with oral health, breath and can even affect digestion and cause other health problems, therefore it is important to perform a good cleaning of this organ.

What they are:

The tongue scraper or tongue cleaner is an instrument that allows effective cleaning by its shape and material. Cleaning the tongue with the toothbrush does not provide an efficient cleaning as a scraper can do.


Since ancient times in the East and mainly in India, these tongue cleaners have been used, they are closely linked to Ayurveda medicine that is focused on a preventive vision of health and a comprehensive analysis of the organism.


Copper and Stainless Steel


The copper tongue scraper can be darkened with use as it involves a natural oxidation process by contact with water and air, can be cleaned with lemon and baking soda or a combination of white vinegar with salt, and using a cotton cloth in its cleaning. The steel tongue cleaner can be cleaned with the same ingredients but will not rust or change color with the use or passage of time.

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