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Amid the surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, everyone is advised to take health precautions against the deadly virus. There are already several guidelines for positive patients who are recovering from coronavirus and now dentists have suggested another precaution to this list.

As per dentists, individuals should change their toothbrush and tongue cleaner as soon as they recover from the infection.

While the vaccination drive is going in full swing all over the country, experts are of the view that changing the toothbrush and tongue cleaner immediately after testing negative can help to prevent re-infection. Discarding toothbrushes also save other family members who use the same washroom from the virus.

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), coronavirus grows from one person to another via tiny droplets from the mouth of a person who has contracted the infection.

Also said to be airborne, COVID-19 can spread by touching the contaminated surfaces.

This means that toothpaste, tongue cleaner among other toiletry items used by a positive patient must have a huge concentration of the virus. Using the same items might result in infecting others or the same person can contract it again.

“If you or anyone in your family and friend circle have contracted COVID-19 , once recovered, please ensure to change your toothbrush, tongue cleaner, etc. These can harbour the virus, and it is best they are discarded,” Dr Pravesh Mehra, Head of Department of Dental Surgery, Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi told India Today.

Here are some precautions to be taken when someone in the family tests positive for the deadly infection or recovers from it:

– Do not keep toiletry items like toothpaste, towels, toothbrush, tongue clear, etc. together
– Change toiletry items after recovering from COVID-19 as it decreases the chance of transmission and re-infection
– Brush twice or thrice a day
– After recovery, keep rinsing your mouth regularly
– A recovered patient should clean the brush and tongue cleaner regularly using an antiseptic mouthwash

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