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 Brush hair can generally be divided into soft, neutral, hard three kinds, usually using a neutral hardness toothbrush is more suitable. When buying a toothbrush, you can press the brush hair with your finger. If your finger feels tingling, it means that it is too hard to choose. At present, nylon brushes are the most popular brushes on the market. The elasticity, uniformity and hardness of nylon brush are better than that of pig hair toothbrush, which is more conducive to oral health care.

The choice of toothbrush bristles should be moderate or slightly soft. However, it should be noted that too soft bristles are easy to brush dirty. Brushes are usually made of nylon silk. It can be divided into two kinds – ordinary silk and Dupont silk. Dupont silk has good elasticity and is not easy to fall. Grinding is also important. If the brush is not treated smoothly after cutting, it is easy to cause injury because it is too sharp. A rounded brush with a sharp bristle can prevent this kind of injury and provide stronger gum protection.

Matters needing attention:

After each use of toothbrush, wash thoroughly, and try to shake off the moisture. Put the toothbrush head up in a mouthwash cup, or in a ventilated and sunny place, to make it dry and sterile.

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