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 Causes of dental and oral diseases

oral cavity collects all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some of
them belong there, making up the normal flora of your mouth. They’re
generally harmless in small quantities. But a diet high in sugar creates
conditions in which acid-producing bacteria can flourish. This acid
dissolves tooth enamel and causes dental cavities.

Bacteria near your gumline thrive in a sticky matrix called plaque.
Plaque accumulates, hardens, and migrates down the length of your tooth
if it isn’t removed regularly by brushing and flossing. This can
inflame your gums and cause the condition known as gingivitis.

Increased inflammation causes your gums to begin to pull away from your teeth. This process creates pockets in which pus may eventually collect. This more advanced stage of gum disease is called periodontitis.

There are many factors that contribute to gingivitis and periodontitis, including:

  • smoking
  • poor brushing habits
  • frequent snacking on sugary foods and drinks
  • diabetes
  • the use of medications that reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth
  • family history, or genetics
  • hormonal changes in women
  • acid reflux, or heartburn
  • frequent vomiting, due to the acid

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