Let’s take care of our kidneys and live longer in health

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Kidney is one of the organs that we do not pay much attention to but do we know is a vital organ just like the heart, the brain and the lungs. A heart failure will lead to death and the same thing apply to a kidney failure. Kidney do not just allow us to urinate but cleans our body from toxic substances created by our cells and what we eat.
Coming to what we eat and drink!!!!!! 
Have you noticed there is a rise of death caused by kidney failure among the young ones???? 
Today you hear a 20 year old travelled to India for kidney failure, tomorrow you hear a 30 year old DIED for kidney failure, WHY???? 
I added some pictures to this post: fanta, coca cola, sprite and all the other drinks (like Pepsi etc).
These are one of the major causes of kidney failure! There are laws in America, Europe, Australia etc that obbligate the companies producing these drinks to keep some substances in it below a certain quantity so that it will not harm the consumers. We are talking about substances such as preservatives, colorants, some acids etc. 
But in AFRICA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and etc some countries do not have restrictions, other have but are not regarded, other allows high quantity of these substances. 
When I went to Africa I realise the color of Fanta in Africa ( extremely orange) is different from the one in Italy or Germany and the taste too was stronger, more sugar in it! 
The drinks you are drinking in AFRICA have very high CONTENT OF PRESERVATIVES, COLORANTS, SUGAR AND ACIDS!!!! 
When you drink it your kidney have to despose those substances and because they are NOT GOOD for human consumption in short time they damage the kidney! 
I do not even drink these drinks in Europe not to talk of the ones in AFRICA, NEVER, I LOVE my health very well. My advice?? STOP drinking them, they have nothing and I mean NOTHING natural, what is Fanta???? what’s the main ingredient of Fanta?? surely NOT orange juice my sister and brother! WATER is good, perfect for our bodies, organic orange juice is good for our bodies. Also if you can avoid eating canned products my dear do it! 
You still have the opportunity to eat fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, unprocess food, do it! Buying at the supermaket canned food is not better than buying at the open market from that old woman selling on the raod side, I tell you! 
Those foods are full of CONSERVATIVES, COLORANTS and ACIDS to keep it last longer. How possible that a tomato paste will expire after 2 years?? Can fresh tomato last 2 years?? NO! Then this should make us understand that something was added to that paste to make it last for 2 good years, is that thing healthy for my body? 
Let’s take a minute to think about what we eat and when you go to supermaket take your time to read the ingredients written on the carton and see if you know all of them and if you can even pronounce them, lol! 
Let’s take care of our kidneys and live longer in health!
Please throw away those noodles you like eating too…

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