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Many people worry that the newly bought toothbrush is unsanitary and they are used to boiling water before using it. In fact, it depends on the type of toothbrush, if it is superfine and super elastic brush wire, it may deform in high temperature, but it will affect the life of toothbrush.

Disinfection of newly purchased toothbrushes: Put proper salt in boiling water, wait for water to cool, put the toothbrush in immersion for about 10 minutes, or run in vinegar for 5 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Because the bathroom or bathroom is usually humid, it is easy to grow bacteria after using toothbrush. It is recommended that each person prepare two toothbrushes, or use an original swing toothbrush (brush head can be replaced), alternate use. The best way to prevent toothbrushes is to keep the head up in sealed containers. If the household toothbrushes are put together, be careful not to let the brushes touch each other to prevent cross infection of bacteria. The toothbrush must be replaced once every three months at most to ensure the cleaning ability of the toothbrush and the source of pollution.

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