2 Pieces Steel Tongue Cleaner with Multi Color Grip Handle in Family Pack

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2 Pack Tongue Scraper (Set of 2 / 2 Pieces), Tongue Cleaner Helps Fight Bad Breath,  New Version Tongue Scraper Cleaner for Adults & Kids, Medical Grade Metal Tongue Brushes Set for Fresh Breath Dental Eliminate Bad Breath in Seconds


✅What You Will Receive: Four surgical level stainless steel tongue scraper, four-color handles allow you to make a better distinction with your family.
✅It Can Do What for You: If you had bad breath for several years, but didn’t know what causes it. Use brush, floss more and more, but none of that ever worked. You can’t imagine how dirty our tongue was until using the tongue scraper. However, we know that why we have bad breaths and always feel food tasteless. The scrapers are super easy to use and get the entire tongue clean of all your grossness, make your taste sensible. Cheers to waking up without horrid morning breath, enjoy every meal.
✅Double-Sided Design: Some other stainless steel tongue scrapers work great, but they have a metallic taste, that is kinda offputting. We use odorless stainless steel, which will not cause nausea (If there is slight nausea when cleaning the tongue root, please extend the tongue as long as possible). When you first use it, the tongue coating is sensitive. We can use the A-side to scrape 3-5 times (refer to picture 6), and then change to the B-side.
✅Perfect Size: This size of oral cleaner is suitable for men, women, and children, but the child’s tongue is too soft, it is recommended to use A-side.
✅Easy To Use & Long-Term Use: They have a longer life than a plastic scraper. The tongue scarper cleaners are mirror-finished with a smooth surface that does not cause any damage to the tongue coating. And they are easy to clean. After each time you used them, rinse it with water and put it into the brushing cup. However, if you use them for the first time, please clean it in boiling water or brine, and please wash it once at least every three months.


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