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Common oral hygiene issues

Amongst the respondents who reported experiencing oral health issues since the onset of the pandemic, the top five complaints included:

  • Bleeding gums and teeth during brushing or flossing  (30%)
  • Teeth, gum, or mouth pain (30%)
  • Dry mouth (25%)
  • General bad breath (25%)
  • Trouble eating due to oral pain (21%)

Sugary foods before bed

Parents also admitted to being more relaxed with their children’s oral health habits; three in five, or 61%, said they allowed their children to eat sugary foods before going to bed. One in three, or 35%, confessed to rewarding their children with a promise that they wouldn’t have to brush their teeth.

Concerns have also been raised over long lockdown periods during which only emergency dentistry was permitted, with less access to regular checkups contributing to poor oral hygiene.

Prominent Dentist Dr Bongiwe Nhlangulela, better known as Dr Bee, prioritises the oral health of her young patients and warns parents of the universal truth – that children copy their parents. “We know that COVID-19 has significantly disrupted our world in unprecedented ways, but the basics of dental care still apply, pandemic or not. We have to remember that most things in dentistry are preventable, so it’s critical for every one of us – and parents have a particular responsibility – to drive the educational message around prevention, to see these actions applied in our daily lives,” she says.

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