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 Natural flour, spiral clean. The spiral is deep and clean, slightly penetrating into the crevice. High quality spiral brushing can effectively remove dental plaque and make your breath fresh and comfortable. Tip filament, in-depth cleaning of the suture, tip diameter less than 0.01 mm, help to remove fine residues in the gap between oral teeth. Environmental protection material brush handle design, green and healthy. The brush handle design of straw material is green, healthy, comfortable and anti-skid, which is in line with ergonomic design. The design of wheat straw sleeve is fashionable and simple. The sleeve is made of wheat straw, simple design and easy to carry.

Each toothbrush has its own unique texture, simple and extraordinary, natural selection, meticulous anti-skid design, ergonomic, comfortable grip feeling. Fine brush head evenly disperses gingival pressure, protects gingiva and improves gingival discomfort. Selected fine silk fur can deeply clean the gingiva and crevices, and deeply clean the mouth. The handle is close to the skin and skid-proof design, which saves labour and effort when brushing teeth. Hollow handle tail design, easy to hang and dry when not in use.

The fine soft hair of bamboo charcoal toothbrush can penetrate into every crack that ordinary brush can’t touch, and it can be deeply cleaned. The soft bamboo charcoal toothbrush with strong adsorption ability can protect gums from injury. Elegant design, simple and fresh, 4 more practical. Carry different colours according to different scenes/let your mood choose more. Brush capillary and soft, enhance cleanliness. With toothbrush cover, it is convenient, clean and hygienic to carry. Streamlined handle, easy to handle, anti-skid. Brush capillary and soft, enhance cleanliness. PBT sharpens the tips, brushes the capillaries tightly and softly, and gives the teeth soft care. Streamlined handle, hand-to-hand design, easy to handle, anti-skid.

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