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 Efficient white fur, efficient and clean, soft brush, safe and reliable. Sound wave cleaning teeth, 31000 vibrations / minutes, working noise less than 60 decibels. Anti-decay, one-click dental, easy teeth cleaning. Eight advantages, cartoon children’s pattern, high frequency soft vibration, removal of dental stains, away from decay, and Rye fine nylon wire, dry battery safe power supply, delicate small brush head, improve allergies. Super silent vibration design, integrated vector torque design enjoys the comfortable feeling of cleaning teeth in complete silence, compact hand feel, long grip not tired. Develop good habits in childhood, no longer need to worry about baby tooth decay. Fine and soft brush head, high density hair planting technology, super-dense and super-soft brush, more delicate cleaning enamel, improve the efficiency of brushing teeth, provide a perfect cleaning experience, delicate small brush head design, with transparent and non-toxic soft brush hair, more suitable for children and oral sensitive groups brushing habits, care for sensitive gingiva. Food-grade materials, safety and anti-skid, high-quality imported materials, brush handle and brush head are imported from Germany, edible grade materials particles, safe lead-free materials, bite in the mouth without worry, surface processing, brush handle using four-layer anti-skid process, lively color and a variety of cartoon images, so that children will never resist brushing teeth. Separable design, easy to replace the brush head, keep the source of the brush clean.

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