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 Electric toothbrushes; the price of electric toothbrushes is much more expensive than ordinary toothbrushes. The average electric toothbrush is about 100 yuan or even more expensive. Moreover, the electric toothbrush needs to be replaced after three months of use, and the price of one brush head is about forty yuan. Therefore, many people think that the price of electric toothbrush is too high, and it is not clear that there is any problem with the teeth when brushing with ordinary teeth.

However, the small partners who have used electric toothbrushes feel that they don’t want to use ordinary toothbrushes since they have used electric toothbrushes. Because electric toothbrushes can really remove plaque. According to the survey, the cleaning ability of electric toothbrushes is indeed much better than that of ordinary toothbrushes. It is very difficult to make ordinary toothbrushes like tooth stains. Therefore, the occurrence of gingivitis and periodontitis is reduced. I believe that many people have been hit by a toothbrush when they brush their teeth. This is not the case with electric toothbrushes. Therefore, its safety factor will be higher.

Ordinary toothbrushes; the price of ordinary toothbrushes is relatively close to the people, so it is more popular. Even if it is changed every month, it will not feel heartache. We all know that the junction of teeth and gums is the most likely to leave food. Ordinary teeth do not clean them easily. Moreover, the cleaning of tooth stains and tartar is not as strong as that of electric toothbrushes. Moreover, in the ordinary toothbrush, during uneven brushing, uneven force may hit the gums. Of course, the advantage of a normal toothbrush is that it does not require charging, and there is no need to worry about the problem of not being able to use electricity.

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