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Tooth brush is not white, not necessarily toothbrush and toothpaste problems. First of all, we need to find out why we are not white, so that we can find a really healthy and appropriate way of whitening.

There are three main reasons for tooth yellowing:

First, dental stains and tartar: This is due to smoking, drinking tea or bad daily oral hygiene habits;

Second, drug or food damage: irreversible damage caused by drugs (such as tetracycline teeth) or food (such as dental fluorosis caused by water sources) during tooth development;

Third: Natural tooth yellowness: This is determined by the gene of the Yellow race, which determines that the Yellow race’s teeth must be yellower than the white race’s teeth and the black race’s teeth.

If determined to be the first cause, we can go to the hospital to do ultrasonic tooth washing, which has the fastest effect, but the process is painful, teeth will become allergic after tooth washing; if you want to painless stain removal, do not want to appear allergic teeth, you can also use some oral care products to stain and scale removal, but because its principle is the separation of plant components, such as dental stain derivatives, the effect will be slower than teeth washing. 。

If it is caused by the second reason, it can be repaired and whitened by harmless, botanical dental care and repair, and improve the yellowness of teeth.

If there is a third reason, it is suggested that only good oral hygiene habits, more important to maintain dental health, do not need to sacrifice health to change this congenital yellow teeth. The white teeth of stars on TV are treated by special vision. Don’t be misled by advertisements.

Various products based on the principle of chemical bleaching do great harm to teeth. When choosing whitening products, we should focus on whether they contain these chemical ingredients. It is not worth it to sacrifice the long-term health of teeth for short-term whitening. We should consider carefully. So if white teeth have anything to do with toothbrushes, most of you have a bottom in mind.

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