Language scraper How useful ? Means Cleaning of Tongue Remove the Plaque.

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What is cleaning the Tongue? This hygiene procedure is aimed at bacteria, food debris, yeast, toxins and dead cells from the surface of the tongue.

In this dream, the human digestive system still active. Toxins are removed from that body and moved in the oral cavity. If you do not use a special language scraper, toxic products dissolve the absorbed nutrients again into the body and can cause respiratory or digestive disturbances. In addition, an abundance of toxins causes great damage to the immune system.
As a result, many of Dental research found that the Brush-Scraper for the more effective tongue removes the decomposition and bacteria products than regular toothbrush. While the use of the second one (as well as the use of dental flavor) allows to remove some potentially dangerous plaque that will contain food residues. bacteria remain after such treatment is up. Meanwhile, almost half of pathogenic microorganisms inhabiting the oral cavity, hidden in deep tongue cracks. Clean the plaque (which, incidentally, is both transparent and colored – white, yellow, or green) can only with a special tool.

Below are the four main reasons for buying and regularly using Scraper.

Eliminate halitosis 
The stench coming from the oral cavity, can cause serious damage to their personal lives, relationships and self-esteem. Since there is a sore sickening caused by many deep bacteria (where they are very difficult to find a normal toothbrush), experts recommend using a good scraper for cleaning the tongue. It allows you to remove the bacteria from the cracks around the surface of the body, including at the root, and thereby reduces the risk of odor. 
Feel the taste of food 
The normal digestive process begins in the mouth – a taste of food taste and saliva. If no action is taken to remove the bacteria from the surface of the tongue, buds taste can be a clogged waste and toxins. As a result, you are likely to encounter a false desire to try unwanted (eg, harmful) products, or simply identify ability to discern tastes of different dishes. Regular cleaning of the tongue surface promotes full exposure to the pores and stimulates the taste buds, many can enjoy your favorite foods and helps the body digest food and absorb essential nutrients.
Tongue – A part of the immune system, the first line of defense against disease. Tongue Scraper prevents re-absorption of toxins into the blood and tissues, and enhances the protection function of the organism. 
Improve oral health 
The hygiene procedure protects teeth and gums from infections and diseases. Accumulation of bacteria causing periodontal disease, the growth of plaque on the enamel, tooth decay (gradually out of their loss), and infections of the gum recession.
How to clean the tongue

An important point – the regularity of the procedure. Clean the surface is the necessary language in the morning, after waking up and before breakfast. Language Scraper – long metal tool, thin and flat, bent in shape “U” English letters.

Standing in front of the mirror, put the hands on both ends of the scraper, stick out your tongue and put the tool as long as possible in the mouth to reach the root of the tongue. Carefully, a moderate pressure on body scraper swipe surface is moving smoothly one. Rinse the tool with water and repeat the procedure until you feel the language was clear and completely free from plaque. Normally, this procedure must be repeated 5-10 times.

Side effects
Although experts recommend a thorough cleaning, starting with the root of the language, most people touch on sensitive areas of the body to cause a gag reflex , and even its own vomit. This effect can be easily avoided if it can relax the tongue and throat muscles. Another simple way to prevent a profession – breathe out using the scraper.

If the tool has an irregular shape or unscrupulous manufacturer to release an aggressive cleaning or too often it can cause damage to the taste buds. Some studies, however, suggest that they are able to recover on their own. However, it is better not to risk it and buy a safe and ergonomic scraper.

When buying a tongue scraper 
Reviews published on various resources dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, help determine the choice of instrument. Cheap scrapers and sold in many power stores are useful, ayurvedic stores, on websites. Pay attention to the material: it is better if it is made of stainless steel, since it is easier to clean. If for any reason you can not use the special scraper, try to clean the tongue edge on a metal spoon.

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