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An artistic toothbrush, according to the flag pattern, independently designed exclusive brush arrangement. Dupont brush is used, the top of the brush is rounded, the gum is cared, and the soft hair is deeply cleaned. Simple design of anti-skid brush handle, according to the color of the Jersey to create a vibrant color. Soft brush, care gums, effective cleaning, fresh mouth.

A toothbrush is a cleaning product, a handle brush, used to add toothpaste to the brush, and then repeatedly brush all parts of the teeth. 

The shape of the brush head is usually square and diamond. Square brush head can effectively clean every surface of teeth. The end of the diamond-shaped brush head is pointer than that of the square brush head, and it is easier to go deep into the oral cavity for cleaning. A toothbrush with any shape of brush head can clean teeth, but the size of the brush head must take into account the size of the mouth, the degree of mouth opening and personal habits and other factors. Use a small brush head as far as possible so that it can go deep into the mouth, ensure flexible rotation and clean the back teeth. But there is no uniform standard. Children’s toothbrushes suitable for their age should be selected in their oral cavity.

The choice of bristles should be moderate or slightly soft. However, it should be noted that too soft bristles are easy to brush dirty. Brushes are usually made of nylon silk. It can be simply divided into domestic brush and imported brush. The imported brush wire has good elasticity and is not easy to deform. The material of the sharpened wire is PBT. Grinding is also important. If the brush is not treated smoothly after cutting, it is easy to cause injury because it is too sharp. A rounded brush with a sharp bristle can prevent this kind of injury and provide stronger gum protection.

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