Copper Tongue Cleaner in Multi Color Grip Handle

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Set of 2 (2pack/pieces) 100% Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner Scraper in Colorful Grip. Tongue Scraper – Dental Hygiene Tool, Copper Mouth Cleaner Non-Slip PVC Silicone Handle – Helps Fight Bad Breath – Professional Oral Care Accessories.


Tongue Scraping Tools Kit with U shape Heads & Antiskid Grip Handle for Adults and Kids.

  • 👅 NO NASTY ODORS – Want to get rid of bad breath once and for all? Our tongue scrapers for adults helps remove unseen food morsels or particles on your tongue that give your mouth a foul odor.
  • 👅 BETTER SENSE OF TASTE – Dirt and residue on your tongue’s surface can blunt your sense of taste. These tongue cleaners help expose your taste buds, which can improve your sense of taste.
  • 👅 A CLEANER TONGUE – Too much food debris or particles can create an unsightly white coating in your mouth. This tongue cleaner scraper helps maintain the healthy appearance of your tongue.
  • 👅 EASY TO USE – Using our tongue scraper cleaner is easy. Hold this tongue cleaner for adults against the tongue and slowly pull it towards the tip. Each has a silicone handle for a non-slip grip.
  • 👅 READY FOR DAILY USE – Forget about cheap tongue scraping tools that easily break. This tongue scrubber is made of premium copper, which withstands rust, corrosion, stains, or odors.


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