2 Pieces Copper Tongue Cleaner Regular

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Set of 2 (2 Pack/2 Pieces), 12 grams weight of one copper tongue cleaner, heavy duty, durable, long life, organic, ayurvedic product 100% pure copper Mattel. Health and Yoga Distribution, for family and friends.


  • Copper tongue cleaner has been uniquely designed with flexible and comfortable handles that have wider cleaning edges for safe use. It is made of pure copper which is known that it is helpful in cleaning the tongue, which is required for good oral hygiene.
  • Whether you’re trying to remove the white coated layer on your tongue or get better oral hygiene, our Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper for adults and children has everything you need. Not only that: instant benefits of scratching your tongue with this self-care product include fresh breath for improved confidence and better overall health
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP – It has flexible handles for a comfortable grip that makes scraping the tongue easier. It also has wider cleaning edges that help cover larger areas at once without having to scratch several times
  • Scrape your tongue with this copper tongue cleaner helps remove the tongue coating and improves your sense of taste.


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