Organic Multiflora Honey is available in a 400-ml pack

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Multiflora honey is a traditional and ancient type of honey that is harvested from the flowers of the multiflora bush. The honey is so light and sweet, it’s almost more like syrup than a liquid. It is light in color and has a sweet, floral taste. It has been used in cooking and baking for centuries and it is perfect for use in both sweet and savory dishes. It is a perfect source of natural energy that is good for the heart and digestive system.


Health Benefits

  • Multiflora Honey contains multivitamins like C, D, E & K, Amino Acids, and live enzymes to give numerous health benefits.
  • It is rich in Antioxidants.
  • Helps in treating respiratory infections.
  • Helps in regulating and improving the quality of sleep.
  • Helps in controlling cholesterol and hypertension.

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400 ML


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